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Your Partner in Success: Pharmacy ERP & Online Ordering Software

NetPharma is the market leader in the provision of technology solutions and management services to pharmacies in Lebanon

We empower independent community pharmacies by providing them with innovative tools and expertise to effectively manage their business, streamline operations and increase profit.

How NetPharma can support your pharmacy

Online ordering

NetPharma online ordering for pharmacies is a free, and efficient way to manage your pharmacy's orders

Pharmacy software

NetPharma pharmacy ERP is a modern fully integrated pharmacy management software that provides accounting, sales, stock, and patient management

Pharmacy management support

NetPharma provides you with the right operational support, removing the burden of daily operation, and allowing you to focus on delivering premium healthcare

Full pharmacy IT outsourcing

By taking care of your IT needs, NetPharma relieves you from a major operational headache

Helium, the next generation pharmacy management software

Helium, designed to run today’s pharmacy efficiently by focusing on innovation to streamline day to day operations, so pharmacists can focus on serving customers better leading to more profits.

Point of sale

Manage credit and cash sales, as well as process returns easily. Helium PRO also makes printing barcodes, and print NSSF invoices automatically convenient.

Stock control

Tired of stock discrepancy? Helium PRO guarantees, stock accuracy and peace of mind. Helium PRO also makes it very easy to manage supplier accounts, returns, and payments.

Patient information

Helium PRO offers pharmacists and 360° view of their customers. Track allergies, clinical notes, and purchase history of patients using Helium PRO's modern Patient information module.


Full pharmacy accounting backbone, including VAT compliance, receivables, journal entries, and supplier reconciliation.

Advanced reporting

Get a full view of your pharmacy's performance with Helium PRO's extensive reporting module.

Pharmacy user administration

Manage your pharmacy's employees access rights and privileges without the need for a PHD in IT.

Over 1,200 Pharmacies use PharmaCycle daily to manage their orders

PharmaCycle, a modern, cloud based, cross platform portal created to streamline order placement and settlement between pharmacies and pharmaceutical suppliers. It gives pharmacies real-time and secure access to an always available online supplier catalogue, to get information, order, fulfill and settle, all electronically and on the spot.

5 of the Top 10 suppliers

Items from different suppliers can be ordered through the system in a single order!

Manage orders from anywhere

You can access PharmaCycle from anywhere, using any device. Phone, Tablet, or Laptop. No need to be at the Pharmacy to manage your orders.

Free to Use

Using PharmaCycle is completely free! We do not charge you for usage, we do not charge you for orders.


For every order placed on the portal, pharmacies earn rewards points that can be redeemed for gifts from our rewards catalogue.


Available on both Android & iOS

Pharmacy Management Services

We allow pharmacies to make patient care and helping customers their top priority by using our experts and our technologies to support them in managing every last detail of the pharmacy.

Accounting and Audit

Using world’s leading cloud accounting software to offer accounting and bookkeeping services to member pharmacies to reduce time spent managing paperwork and provides extensive reporting and forecasts on the financial results of the business.

Business Performance and Analytics

Real time view of business performance and different retail KPIs including trend analysis and management alerts for key indicators.

Rewards and Loyalty

Design and implementation of customer incentive programs to increase customer engagement and return ratios to increase pharmacy’s sales performance and profitability.

Clinical Services

Tailor made clinical services for each of the independent community pharmacies aiming at increasing patient care, treatment compliance and drug adherence.